July 27, 2002  photo of Bluebell Gentians (Eustoma russellianum) in one of the few remaining undeveloped fields along I-30 just east of the Loop 12 Exit.  This species has not been found at Spring Creek, but is widespread in Texas.

Above photo courtesy Norm Sears, EPA

Photos of Spring Creek
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Rain_Lily3.jpg (58982 bytes)Rain-Lily1.jpg (53605 bytes)Rain-Lily2.jpg (16056 bytes)

Rain Lily (Cooperia drummondii)

Lichens:  The 3 photos below were taken in February, 2001 are of various species of lichen growing on shrubs and small trees.    Some studies indicate that lichens are good air quality indicators since many metropolitan areas in the US have "lichen deserts" where no lichens are found due to poor air quality. For a reference to lichens as air quality indicators in the Pacific Northwest, refer to the Forest Service's Lichen and Air Quality Home Page. 

Lichen1optimized.jpg (18486 bytes)Unidentified crustose lichen

Lichen3.jpg (60202 bytes)Teloschistes exilis, a fruticose species

Lichen2optimized.jpg (18980 bytes)Parmotrema hypotropum, a foliose species