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Recent images by Martin Selznick







James Rusk landscape photo of Spring Creek Preserve:

Martin Selznick new images!



Some peak spring blooming scenes from Spring Creek Preserve....April 30-May 1, 2007


Thanks to Martin Selznick for his photos from Trout Lily weekend at Spring Creek Forest Preserve and north of her at Breckinridge Park by Rowlett Creek.   It's a relief to get some good bird images for a change!!!  .. One of our resident Barred Owls and a Robin eating a Western Soapberry seed....

Left to Right: Double-Crested Cormorant, Mallard drake, Ring-billed Gulls, Great Blue Heron

Plants and insects:

Left to Right: Goatweed Leafwing (ventral view), Goatweed Leafwing (dorsal view), Six-spotted Green Tiger Beetle

Left to Right: Ten-Petal Anemone, Foxglove, Texas Paintbrush (2), Trout Lilies

Left to Right: Bluebonnet with Honeybee, Monarch on Prairie Verbena, Nodding Thistle, Wild Onion


Even in the "dead" of winter there are images from water, rock, soil, tree bark, roots. ....just look closely, compose and shoot!!! These were taken near the Fred E. Harris Section of the Spring Creek Greenbelt just north of Spring Creek Preserve in January, 2007.


Spring Creek Nature Area - images from Spring Creek upstream in Richardson, Texas

Beck Branch Creek - a tributary to Rowlett Creek in Richardson, Texas

Duck Creek - a tributary to the Elm Fork of the Trinity River

Left to Right: Lower Spring Creek near confluence with Rowlett Creek, Rowlett Creek (far right)


Fall 2006

Sycamore Study


Spring / Summer 2006


Spring 2005:

Fall 2004:

Crustose lichen fruiting bodies, Spring Creek, rose hip, Shumard oak, Orb weaver's web


Left to right:

American elm, Old Chinquapin Oak

Dede Crusinberry's Dragonflies:

Blue Dasher  (Pachydiplax longipennis)

Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata)

Roseate Skimmer (Orthemis ferruginea)


Slaty Skimmer  ( Libellula incesta)

Striped Saddlebags  (Tramea calverti)    

Ben Cox

2003 Photos (click to enlarge)

Taken at Spring Creek Preserve and Spring Creek Forest

Ben uses a Canon D60 and 10D with 160-640mm Zoom and a 1.4 teleconverter


Other Ben Cox Photos


Derek's Photos

Nature Photo Links:

Windows on Nature

I began using a Canon PowerShot A-40  in December, 2002. . .prior to that I used an old Minolta XE-7 and SRT-101 and

even a disposable camera or two.   Many of the photos in the photo album have been enhanced with Photoshop.  Some of the photos were taken by my son, Derek. 


Jack Hill


Left to Right:

August sunset, Spring Creek Preserve, Spring Creek Preserve (Liatris in foreground)




Heard Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary:

left to right:

Fall colors, 250+ year old Bur Oak, large Bur Oak and smaller Shumard oak acorns compared, Perkins Sycamore



Digital images from Parkhill Prairie and Clymer Meadow trip on April 16, 2004




March sunsets near Spring Creek....

Spring leaf out in the forest....



Spring Creek Preserve Trail leading from woods to parking lot...Sept 10, 2003





August 17, 2003 early evening thunderclouds - taken after 8:00 pm



July 10, 2003 orange storm clouds early evening. 



June 22, 2003

Photos of Spring Creek near the Preserve.


June 14, 2003 Photos of old giants than have fallen due in the Preserve...this course woody

debris decays and recycles elements in the forest and streams. It also provides habitat for many

animal and fungi...if trees fall into streams, they provide fish and benthic invertebrate habitat.


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