Spring & Fall Migrants

The above graph represents personal observations at Spring Creek and Prairie Creek (a tributary to Spring Creek) from October 1994 to May 1999.  Many of the avifauna recorded for Spring Creek pass through as late winter and early spring migrants heading toward northern nesting grounds. For warblers, spring migration is usually a sharp peak during early May. . .the highest numbers of warblers recorded by all observers was 17 species on May 2, 1999 and May 1, 2000 at Prairie Creek, a tributary to Spring Creek  located west of US Highway 75  in Richardson.  The overall period of spring migration is shorter than fall migration.  In contrast sparrows have longer periods of migration and generally peak between mid-November and February in North Central Texas .. On Nov. 13, 1999 we saw 10 species of sparrows at Spring Creek Preserve.  Orioles are seen in far fewer numbers and generally peak in April-May. 

The bottomland hardwood forests along Spring Creek and other streams and rivers in North Central Texas provide migration corridors for many migrants . . . oases in the asphalt and concrete landscapes of our metropolitan areas.  In the fall, many of the same species return to Latin American wintering homes via Spring Creek and similar habitats. Small land birds and shorebirds fly by night and feed by day. These nighttime migrants include water birds, flycatchers, thrushes, warblers, and orioles. Most of them fly until midnight or 1:00 A.M. and land soon after.